Main reasons why Belarus brides split up with their boyfriends

What can be worse than being dumped and not knowing why? However, as they say there is no smoke without fire. There are many reasons why a girl can break up with her partner. Sometimes they are obvious and a man knows where he stumbled. And sometimes the breakup is a painful surprise.

Mind your actions

Girls from one of Belarus dating agencies shared their motives for splitting up with their boyfriends. Thus, there can be distinguished 10 major causes.

1. Clingy behavior. Any individual needs to feel independent, even in a relationship. Being with someone is not slavery, it is a free choice. If a man tries to control a woman establishing rules for her, she will feel suffocated and leave.

2. Irresponsibility. Belarus mail order brides want serious relationships. It means that they can trust and rely on their partners. If a man does not keep his word, takes no responsibility for his actions, and blames others and circumstances for all the troubles, he will be dumped.

3. Aggressiveness. This quality in men scares women. No one wants to live with someone who is freaking out about trifles, gets furious when driving on a busy road or grumbling because the sun is up. Women’s intuition tells them to run as far as they can. Today a man breaks a plate in rage, tomorrow what – hits his woman?

4. Insults. A man is supposed to make a woman feel good. Making nasty comments about her looks and a constant criticism of her actions or behavior are not included.

5. Dependence on his mother. Hot belarus brides prefer strong and independent men. It is wonderful when a man loves his mother and takes care of her. But if he has no other opinion than his momma’s, he becomes a real annoyance.

6. Friends. They are an important part of our life. But when you enter a relationship, you make changes in your habits. If a man got used to having a night out with his pals each Friday or making beer parties at his place three-four times a week, it is time to reconsider his bachelor views in terms of a woman’s presence in his life right now. Otherwise, he can enjoy his bachelorship.

7. Jealousy. It is a terrible dragon able to burn any relationship. Constant doubts and suspicions lead a man to tracking his girlfriend’s location and doings. Even if there is no reason to feel jealous, a man finds it impossible to stop. Jealousy poisons love, which fades with each new eruption of mistrust.

8. Trust issues. Lies, secondary affairs, covering up mistakes or relationships with other people, default on promises or obligations – these all result in the loss of trust and credibility.

What the future brings

All women look for emotional and physical security in relationships. They want their men to show affection, respect, support and honesty. In fact, it is not much in exchange for loving, harmonious and peaceful coexistence together.