Have you ever seen or known an average looking guy who is able to pick up a random girl in a bar and make out with her almost instantly?

Most guys will automatically assume that he is a Natural, someone who was born with that power. But the truth is that no one is born with the ability to attract women, it’s learned.

If you follow some simple dating tips from the tao of badass system you can become that guy…


The first thing you need to know is that the random girl is not as random as you think she is. Guys that are really good with women have acquired the talent to recognize a female who is prepared to make out. And, as a result, their odds of success go way up.

Learn to identify this type of lady and you will become that man others look up to.


Your goal, as soon as you get into the bar, is to detect the lady who you’re able to make out with in one minute or less. There are some clues that are useful, especially in this type of atmosphere, to discover if she is predisposed for an instant make-out session.

Your first clue is when you find a woman looking around trying to make eye contact with different people, even when she is engaged in a conversation.

Your second sign is if she looks down, after making eye contact with you. A girl that shows this kind of behavior is showing submission. This type of behavior lets you walk up and play the role of the dominant man.

Finally, you can learn a lot about a woman by the way she is dressed. You want to avoid, at least for our purposes, a girl that is dressed in a super flashy way, one that is obviously looking for attention, she will probably not be a submissive woman. You need to find a girl that is in the middle between the extremes, one that is not over dressed or under dressed.

Last but not Least…

You now know you should find a particular type of woman; you know three characteristics to look for, now you need to take action. No action, no results. You know, women want a confident man. Confidence is like a muscle so you need to work it out. Even if you can’t find a girl that display the characteristics we are looking for you should proceed anyway, just to see what happens. If you can’t make-out in one minute or less it doesn’t mean you are not going to make-out at all.

One Final Note…

Women are sexual creatures, maybe more than men, and I promise you they want this to happen as much as you do.

It is sad how many times this instant make-out events never happen just because most guys let their fear take over and never go for it. I hang out with hot models everyday and I can tell you, most of the time no one’s approaching them. Just by taking action you will be ahead of most guys. – how to flirt with a woman via text



After being in a relationship where I completely lost myself. I wasn’t quite sure if love existed. Not only was I questioning it’s existence I questioned whether the man, I am now divorcing, ever felt the same. While my marriage was never perfect after the complicated mess, I have come to realize quite a few things.

Sometimes it is completely okay to be a little selfish. In my marriage I was always there to meet my husband’s needs but when I needed something I didn’t receive anything back. It’s difficult to be with someone who only takes and takes, and never has any real intentions of giving back in return. That’s why I am saying it’s ok to be selfish.

As women we dream of the perfect man to marry and able to capture his heart. We have all of the desirable traits embedded in our minds but yet we often settle for something not even close. Why is that? As a woman struggling to once again find herself, after a very messy divorce; I have a few encouraging words. There is absolutely nothing more desirable and sexy than a woman who knows exactly who she is and exactly what she wants. So often we see some great looking men with not so great looking girls.

I have always wondered why that is? These women often times have a strong mind, a strong sense of who they are. I can honestly say after learning this I have never had so many men asking me on dates. I haven’t changed my outward appearance, in fact, the only thing that changed was who I was inside. So don’t be afraid! Embrace who you are, this is what men love. Always be true to yourself. This right here could not be more important.

If you feel that you have to change who you are in order to be with someone, then that relationship is definitely not for you. You will only be able to keep up that lie for so long before the true you comes out. According to capture his heart pdf no relationship can prosper when it is based on a lie. No man wants to be with a woman who isn’t sure of herself and who doesn’t love herself.

Knowing who you are is what makes men notice and that is what draws them in. Men desire a woman who is sure of herself. If you think about it you wouldn’t want to buy a box of cereal that is damaged because you would be unsure if what you are buying. In the same sense if we come off a little broken and a little to unsure men will pass you up. They want the best the can have too. So always love yourself and you will start to see that men will be drawn to you.

Relationships are bonding factors which bring people closer to each other. Relationships are not only restricted to the opposite sex but people of the same sex also have a close bonding with each other. The main essence in a relationship is love, understanding and emotional security. Relationships are so essential in society as man is a social animal and thrives in the company of others.

Man right from primitive times lived in groups and developed a kind of bonding and even nomads wandered from place to place together. Gradually as man began to lead a settled life that relationships developed leading to communities and matrimonial alliances. God created man and woman to become one and the world was established with procreation. Countries also have come closer to each other and friendly relations between them have led to prosperity and advancement.

According to  Joshua Pellicer the tao of badass guide close interaction and inter-dependence leads to inter change of cultures which render men and women to even enter into matrimony and lead a conjugal life of bliss. Relationships in today’s world are such that they at times are beset with many difficulties as their instinct of the survival of the fittest applies and then the ego factor plays a major role and relationships tend to become bitter due to many reasons where there is lack of understanding,jealousy,possessiveness and lack of communication. Read More →

text your ex back exampleThere are a lot of “Text Your Ex Back Examples” at the internet. Can you trust them? Think that maybe there is last chance to get her/ him. How will you use your last chance? Will you use standard and unprofessional text advice? I don’t think so. I am sure that you are thinking about these questions.

  • What if you would not have all those arguments with your ex?
  • What if you were still together and you could still wake up in the middle of the night just to see your ex’s face?
  • Do you miss those lovely moments? If you do, probably you are deeply hurt at this moment and desperate to get your ex back in your arms.

But you just don’t know how to convince your ex and let her/him know how much your love truly is.

This is a situation many of us have gone through and desperate pleading is not going to help in most cases. That’s why Michael Fiore has established a great way to text your ex back, no matter how angry he/she is or for how long you two have been detached. The Text Your Ex Back program is designed to convince your ex about your love and passion for her/him. It also asks you to make some key considerations to improve yourself for a healthy relationship in the long run. Read More →

Just like with real-world dating, online daters sometimes face fierce competition in cyberspace.  This competitive nature sometimes causes people to resort to telling lies on their profile or to posting older, more attractive photos of themselves just to attract their next date.  Hopefully, you’ve not stooped to such antics, but instead are looking for ways to build an online dating profile that rocks – the honest way.  This article looks at how you can build a standout online dating profile that will help you get noticed, putting you steps closer to finding the right person for you.

Avoiding Negativity in Your Online Dating Profile

Nearly everyone has experienced a date where the person that you are with complains constantly about this and that, whether it is their ex-husband or their current boss.  How did they make you feel? Did you ask them out for a second date? Chances are they brought you ‘down’ with them and you were so glad to say farewell at the end of the night.  Negativity is one of the biggest turn-offs, bar none.  On the flip side of negativity is positivity.  Being positive is a big turn on.    Being negative in your profile, like saying, “I hate rap music” or “the last girl that I dated was a total stalker” or “I am so tired of the club scene” can be replaced with positive things like “I love classic rock” and so on.  Remember: positive people attract others like bees to honey; negative people turn them off faster than the spray of a skunk. Read More →

Survey Confirms: Women Seek Giant Members

It seems that the women of today are looking for something different in their men. I went on a quest to find what it is that we simply cannot do without when choosing a mate…and the results kind of surprised me.

Of the 100 women in my social circle that I surveyed, more than half insisted that their partner have money, a great body and be well-endowed. However, my immediate social circle could definitely just be full of hoochies…

Some women said that a sense of humor was essential. This I wholeheartedly agree with. Nothing is worse than a man that can’t laugh…or that only laughs after you explain why something is funny. Ugh.

Others got a little more in depth about specific wants and needs – honesty, sincerity, vulnerability and communication sat amid “must be able to cook”, “I want someone I can fart in front of”, and “no douchebags” at the top of the list. Read More →