Belarus girls – dating and marriage

There are two capital factors that influence drastically the relations between men and Belarus

1. Equality. Through the centuries men hunted for food, fought battles and labored. The role of a man was to provide his family, so he sacrificed himself in the coal mine, trench or factory. Duties of a Belarusian woman included keeping home, raising children and being supportive to her husband. But then Belarus girls decided they wanted to do the same things as men, and the family roles began to change. To maintain their advantage over men, women dedicate themselves more to their career than family. That results in a competition between males and females, which is able to ruin any partnership.

2. Lack of shared values. This aspect leads to continuous arguments and frustrations. Any relationship requires compromise. However, when two partners are on different pages and one of them feels that they are sacrificing their personal integrity and core beliefs, it will not be long before things become tense.

Proper behavior

Belarus girls that come to a Belarusian dating agency are serious about their desire to start a family. They know what they want, as well as they are aware of what men are looking for. Belarusian women value their partners and do all they can to ensure a healthy atmosphere between the partners.

They name the most essential points for harmonious coexistence:

1. Appreciate one another. In a marriage or partnership, it is easy to take your partner for granted. It is important to acknowledge the efforts of each other and give notes of appreciation, like hugs or kisses.

2. Do not expect perfection. There is no perfect person and no perfect relationship. Forget about the fairy tale standards and work on what you have. If you think that things can bloom out of negligence or idleness, then you have all chances to end single ever after. Because any relationship is like a flower, it needs water, sun and good soil.

3. Give and take. It is believed that the secret to the happy relations is compromise. When two people have different desires, needs or ideas, they should learn to meet half-way in order to keep the peace. For once, you can be the winner getting a little bit more of what you wanted. But next time your partner should get a bit more to make you both equal. This way of solving differences can as well be called cooperation.

When the relationship ends, people often begin to ask themselves questions:

  1. Why did it happen?
  2. When did it all go wrong?
  3. Could I do anything to avoid it?

The important thing is to learn from our mistakes in order not to repeat them. Whatever flaw the relationship has, it is in our power to fix it.